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Average cost to replace a kitchen cabinet is $100 to $280 per linear foot. The basic price of kitchen cabinets depends on the material you use and labor cost. Most homeowners spend around $2,000 to $5,600 on replacing their kitchen cabinets. If you have a 10×10 square foot cabinet, the estimated highest replacement price is around $26,000.



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When it comes to kitchen cabinets, selecting the right material is crucial for both durability and aesthetic appeal. While various options are available, solid wood stands out as the superior choice, offering unmatched durability and a cozy warmth that enhances your kitchen’s ambiance. If you’re exploring different materials, here’s a breakdown of some popular options:


  • Solid Wood:

    Best known for its durability and warm aesthetic, solid wood, including hardwoods like maple, cherry, pine, or oak, remains a top choice among homeowners.


  • Particle Board:

    An economical option made from wood particles bonded with resin, but may lack the durability of solid wood.


  • Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF):

    Composed of fine wood fibers, MDF provides a smooth and uniform surface, suitable for painting or veneering.


  • Plywood:

    Constructed by layering thin wood sheets, plywood offers strength and stability, making it a reliable choice for cabinet construction.


  • Metal:

    Modern and sleek, metal cabinets bring an industrial touch to your kitchen, offering durability and a distinctive aesthetic.


  • Laminate:

    Comprised of layers of paper or fabric with a resin top layer, laminate cabinets are easy to clean and come in various finishes.


  • Melamine:

    Similar to laminate but with a thermosetting resin surface, melamine cabinets are resistant to heat, moisture, and stains.


  • Thermofoil:

    Made from a vinyl film, thermofoil cabinets provide a smooth, seamless appearance and are easy to maintain.



While there are multiple options, solid wood cabinets, available in various hardwoods, remain a popular choice among homeowners seeking both elegance and durability. Explore our store to discover exquisite collections of hardwood cabinets that will elevate the style of your kitchen.

Installing cabinets might seem daunting, especially without the right skills. However, we’ve got you covered with essential steps to simplify the process. Follow these guidelines for a smooth cabinet installation:


  • Precise Measurements:

    Measure the designated space accurately to ensure a perfect fit for your new cabinets.


  • Thorough Inspection:

    Upon receiving your new cabinets, inspect them thoroughly to identify and address any potential damages.


  • Assembly Guidance:

    Refer to the provided manual for clear instructions on assembling your cabinets correctly.


  • Space Evaluation:

    Inspect the installation space for any vertical or horizontal irregularities that may affect the cabinet placement.


  • Height Assessment:

    Determine the highest point of your cabinet and ensure it doesn’t interfere with existing fixtures or items in the designated area.


  • Proper Alignment:

    Align your cabinets with precision during the main installation steps to achieve a cohesive and professional look.


  • Functionality Check:

    Verify the functionality of all movable parts in your cabinets to ensure smooth operation.


  • Secure Installation:

    Double-check that your cabinets are securely fixed to the wall or floor to prevent any accidents and guarantee long-term stability.



Follow these expert tips for a successful cabinet installation, even if you’re not a seasoned pro or contact us to get a professional guidance.

In the dynamic world of kitchen design, navigating through the 7 to 8 cabinet styles available can be overwhelming. To make an informed choice for your kitchen, familiarize yourself with the distinctive characteristics of each style:


  • Shaker:

    Timeless and versatile, Shaker cabinets feature a simple, clean design with a five-piece door and recessed center panel, adding a classic touch to any kitchen.


  • Slab or Flat Panel:

    Sleek and modern, these cabinets boast a flat, unadorned surface, creating a minimalist look that complements contemporary and urban kitchen aesthetics.


  • Glass Front:

    Infusing elegance and openness, glass front cabinets showcase interior contents while adding a touch of sophistication and visual interest to your kitchen space.


  • Traditional:

    Embracing ornate details and intricate moldings, traditional cabinets exude a timeless charm that brings a sense of refinement to your kitchen decor.


  • Rustic:

    Characterized by natural, rugged elements, rustic cabinets emanate a cozy, countryside feel, incorporating warm hues and textured finishes for a welcoming atmosphere.


  • Country:

    Reflecting a laid-back, homely vibe, country-style cabinets embrace simplicity with distressed finishes and charming details, creating a welcoming and comfortable kitchen setting.


  • Contemporary:

    Embracing the latest trends and design innovations, contemporary cabinets feature sleek lines, minimalistic hardware, and a focus on functionality for a modern and stylish kitchen.


  • Louvered:

    Showcasing horizontal slats, louvered cabinets bring a unique and breezy charm, allowing air circulation while adding a touch of coastal or tropical flair to your kitchen space.



Explore these cabinet styles to discover the perfect match for your kitchen, combining aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

When it comes to updating your kitchen, opting for new cabinets trumps refacing, as the latter leaves room for measurement and design errors that could result in costly mistakes. Choosing new cabinets ensures a seamless and stress-free experience, allowing you to effortlessly select the perfect style to complement your kitchen. With the added benefits of enhanced storage, aesthetic appeal, and increased home resale value, investing in brand-new cabinets is the superior choice for kitchen transformations.



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