Guide to Popular Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

If you’re gearing up for a kitchen renovation or remodel, staying informed about the latest kitchen cabinet accessories can make a significant difference. These trending features not only enhance organization but also contribute to creating a more functional and efficient kitchen space.


Make the most of the often-neglected space under your cabinets with these innovative accessories:

  1. Appliance Garage: Utilize cabinet-facing to create a designated space for appliances like coffee makers and toasters, keeping them neatly stored out of sight when not in use.
  2. Stem Glass Holder: Optimize under-cabinet space with stem glass holders, providing a visually appealing storage solution for stemware and freeing up valuable cabinet space.
  3. Under-Cabinet Shelves: Maximize every square foot by adding shelves beneath upper cabinets for versatile storage options.


Enhance organization within your base cabinets with these popular choices:

  1. Slide-Out Shelves: Convert empty base cabinet space into functional storage with slide-out shelves, perfect for housing appliances, cookbooks, and more.
  2. Pull-Out Garbage: Efficiently use base cabinet space by installing a pull-out garbage system, concealing trash behind cabinet doors while maintaining easy access.
  3. Tray Divider and Organizer: Store cutting boards and baking sheets vertically with this accessory, optimizing space and accessibility.


Organize your drawers effectively with these accessories:

  1. Knife Organizer and Cutting Center: Transform a drawer into a cutlery knife block, creating an entire cutting center for convenient access and protection of your knives.
  2. Silverware Organizer: Keep silverware orderly with a dedicated organizer, ensuring each piece has a designated space for easy retrieval.
  3. Electronics Charging Drawer: Cater to modern needs with an electronics charging drawer, offering a discreet solution to keep devices off the counter while charging.

Investing in these trending kitchen cabinet accessories ensures not just a stylish kitchen but also a highly functional and well-organized culinary space for your daily needs. Connect with our skilled professionals or visit our showroom to discover an extensive array of options tailored to your preferences.

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