Different Types of Countertop Edges

When contemplating a kitchen countertop upgrade, it is crucial to deliberate on the style and finish of the countertop edges, as they significantly impact the overall aesthetics and feel of your kitchen.

To ensure you make an informed decision aligned with your functional and aesthetic preferences, it is prudent to assess the pros and cons of each countertop edge type before being prompted by your countertop manufacturer. Conducting thorough research beforehand will equip you to choose the ideal countertop edges.


Explore the following standard edging options for countertops to elevate their visual appeal:


The square edge countertop is favored for its clean, simple lines, imparting a classic look. With straight edges featuring a 90-degree angle, it facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance. The softer finish enhances safety, preventing injuries from accidental bumps and chips on edges. This minimalist design is practical and effortless to maintain.


A softer version of the square edge, known as a round over or eased edge, offers a clean, streamlined appearance, particularly suitable for modern kitchens.


The beveled edge style, characterized by two 45-degree bends, creates an eye-catching design that reflects light, enhancing the countertop’s aesthetic. The angled edges allow spills to move away from cabinetry, facilitating easy cleaning. Beveled edges come in small and large variations, providing options for different kitchen sizes.


The bullnose edge rounds off sharp countertop edges with a soft, semicircular shape, ensuring safety, especially for small children. The smooth edges prevent chipping, although spills may trickle down the curved edge towards cabinetry. Variations include half-bullnose and demi-bullnose, each offering distinct advantages.


This countertop edge style creates the illusion of a thicker slab, contributing to a contemporary and sophisticated design.


A classic edge with dramatic flairs, the ogee edge adds an elegant and luxurious touch to your kitchen, making it stand out.

Quartz and granite countertops offer various edge types, ranging from square and eased edges to beveled edges, bullnose edges, mitered edges, and ogee edges. Each option caters to different design preferences, providing flexibility for creating a unique and stylish kitchen space.

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